Affirmative Asylum Applicants’ Wait for Interview Ranges from 1½ to 5 Years

by | Jun 20, 2016 | News

USCIS has released a new bulletin that shows the expected waiting times between filing an asylum application and appearing for an interview for each office. The typical waiting time is two years, though some offices are taking longer. The long waiting periods are the result of previous backlogs, greater priorities for children and rescheduled applicants, and the conducting of reasonable and credible fear interviews. The following are current processing times by office:

Current interview wait time

Arlington, VA                                                 29 months

Chicago, IL                                                     19 months

Houston, TX                                                   23 months

Los Angeles, CA                                            55 months

Miami, FL                                                       34 months

Newark, NJ                                                     32 months

New York, NY                                               20 months

San Francisco, CA                                          24 months