In May, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) published a proposed rule to increase the fees on nearly all immigration forms. The increased filing fees will be felt across the spectrum of immigration law, as family, employment, and individual cases will all see an increase in fees. Below are the most widely used forms:


Family:                                                                              Current                        Proposed

Form I-130, petition for family members                   $420                            $535



Form I-129, petitions for H, L, E, O, P, R                 

            (employment-based nonimmigrants)              $325                            $460

Form I-140, petition for permanent employment       $580                            $700



Form I-90, application to replace

  permanent resident card (green card)                       $450*                          $540*

Form I-485, adjustment of status (green card)

application                                                                       $1,070*                       $1,225*

Form I-765, work card application                              $380                            $410

Form I-131, travel document application                    $360                            $575

Form I-539, change/extend status application            $290                            $370

Form I-751, removal of conditions application          $590*                          $680*

Form N-400, naturalization application                      $680*                          $725*

*Includes biometrics


While these fee increases are only in the proposal stage right now, it is likely that most of these increases will become final and that they will go into effect by the end of the year (premium processing is not projected to change). USCIS operations are financed primarily through filing fees, and the agency is predicting a $560 million shortfall this year.