In late 2014, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) began using an L-1 checklist at U.S.-Canada ports of entry (POE), similar to the TN checklist deployed by the agency earlier in the year. Canadians who seek L-1 adjudications at the U.S.-Canada border and who are refused entry will now be given L-1 deficiency checklists that specifically indicate the reason why the petition was lacking required evidence. The purpose of the checklist is to better inform applicants of the deficiencies in their petitions so that they can return to the same POE to successfully re-apply with the appropriate documents. At the same time, the checklist is intended to assist the re-adjudicating CBP officer in simplifying their review of the petition, by focusing on the areas which were previously found deficient. For now, the checklist will be in use only at U.S.-Canada POE where NAFTA adjudications are commonplace.