The following additional items may be of interest to our readers:

TPS Designation Extended for Haiti: DHS extended the designation of Haiti for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 18 months, from July 23, 2014, through January 22, 2016, with a 60-day re-registration period running from 3/3/14 through 5/2/14.  ICE also extended employment authorization for Haitian F-1 nonimmigrant students experiencing severe economic hardship as a direct result of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The ICE notice is in effect until 1/22/16.

L-1B Denial Rates Continue to Rise:  According to USCIS records, the denial rate for L-1B specialized knowledge intra-company transferee petitions continues to increase. In FY2013, the denial rate was 34 percent; a 4 percentage point increase from FY 2012. Contrast these figures to FY2006, when the denial rate was only 6 percent!  RFEs for the last two year have remained about the same, at about 45 percent.

Florida Supreme Court Finds Undocumented Immigrants Cannot Be Admitted to Bar: Breaking ranks with California, the Florida high court issued an advisory opinion to the Florida Board of Bar Examiners concluding that unauthorized immigrants are ineligible for admission to the Florida bar. The California Supreme Court recently held the opposite, that no state law or public policy justifies precluding undocumented immigrants from obtaining a law license in California.

DACA:  Learn Your Right to Work: The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice has released a new “Learn About Your Right to Work” FAQ for DACA recipients. It is available at  

Supreme Court Denies Review of Local Laws Held Unconstitutional Against Undocumented Immigrants: In two recent cases, the Supreme Court let stand lower court decisions that found local ordinances unconstitutional with respect to undocumented immigrants.  These include a Fifth Circuit decision holding that an ordinance, aimed at preventing undocumented individuals from renting housing, conflicted with federal immigration law and was unconstitutional, and a Third Circuit decision holding Pennsylvania’s local ordinances that would deny permits to businesses that hire undocumented individuals and fine landlords who rent to them, were also unconstitutional on federal preemption grounds.