As previously reported, foreign nationals will be required to submit fingerprints and photographs when appearing at USCIS field offices for interviews or to receive evidence of an immigration benefit. USCIS had planned to begin this new biometrics requirement, Customer Identity Verification (CIV), in May but encountered various glitches and delayed implementation. The CIV requirement is in addition to the current collection of biometrics data at an Application Support Center (ASC).

 Now, after the foreign national arrives at a field office, clears security, and is called to the counter, USCIS will electronically scan two fingerprints and take a picture to verify identity.

After identity verification is satisfactorily completed, individuals will proceed to their interviews or be issued their immigration documents. In instances where biometrics do not produce a verification, other steps will be taken, which may include reprocessing at an application support center or even further questioning if an identity is suspicious.  

 Clients are advised that some district offices have experienced delays as a result of the new CIV process and should arrive early for their appointment and expect to wait.