As of early September, Russian and American travelers for business or tourism will be eligible to receive three-year multiple entry visas under a new bilateral agreement between U.S and Russia. This is the new standard for U.S. citizens visiting Russia and Russian citizens visiting the United States. Also, no formal invitation will be required to apply for a business or tourism visa, although applicants seeking Russian tourist visas must continue to hold advance lodging reservations and arrangements with a tour operator.  The agreement also simplifies and eases visa processing time for travelers from both countries, including a commitment to keep standard visa processing times under 15 days. In addition, the United States has reducing the fee charged to Russians for business or tourist visas to $20. (The $160 DS-160 non-immigrant visa application fee still applies, and validity and fees for other visa types do not change.) For U.S. travelers, the agreement lifts the previous restriction limiting stays in Russia to 90 days within any given 180-day period.  In addition, “exit visas” will no longer be necessary in the case of U.S. citizens who lose their passports while in Russia. U.S. citizens with current Russian visas are reminded that they are still subject to the terms and dates of the visas already in their possession. For more details, see and